As founder and CEO of Hirsch + Associates, Cara Hirsch is a real estate aficionado with over a decade of experience helping some of the GTA’s most notable builders successfully bring their projects to market. Leveraging expertise honed through growing up in a real estate family, Cara built on her formative years by establishing a company defined by passion, collaboration, and a hands-on approach. Her instinctual industry knowledge enables her to launch each project successfully, and knowing that no two projects are alike, she employs tailored strategic planning from the outset. Cara is credited with launching over 30 projects in the Toronto pre-construction market and has sold over $4.4 billion. Her genuine dedication to her craft, strong relationships with the broker community, and familial commitment to her clients have solidified her success to date and remain the cornerstones of her brand as Hirsch + Associates continues to grow.



Mia Ladha is the Chief Operating Officer of Hirsch + Associates, where she leads with many years of experience in the real estate industry. On a day-to-day basis, she oversees all of the company’s functionalities and administrative processes with meticulous attention to detail. Throughout her career, Mia has worked on the sales, administration, and management of over $2 billion dollars of pre-construction real estate. Her discipline and dedication provide an unwavering commitment to every task, every project, and every client Hirsch + Associates works with. After being introduced to real estate upon graduating from university, Mia is now a licensed broker who brings a unique vision to the team through driving efficiency, organization, and the successful mobilization of all projects.



Jeanne Kim is a passionate real estate broker with over 15 years of experience working with some of the GTA’s most notable developers. Jeanne is extremely committed to her team and is dedicated to seeing all projects through from start to finish. Her experience allows her to be comfortable in all aspects of selling pre-construction and resale real estate. Jeanne has been involved in all kinds of projects, including the development of high-end boutique buildings and multi-phased projects.

She excels in working with end users and investors alike and her ability to understand her clients and customers along with her industry knowledge have allowed her to achieve the success that she has garnered. Jeanne has been an integral part of every team she has joined and has sold over $1 billion worth of real estate throughout her career.



Kathleen Chapman is one of our accomplished sales representatives at Hirsch and Associates. Kathleen is thoroughly experienced in the Toronto Real Estate Market and has worked on some of the cities top selling projects. Throughout her career Kathleen has collected extensive experience with the sales and marketing of preconstruction projects, with a particular interest in luxury boutique builds. Kathleen’s passion and commitment for her work has resulted in her being handpicked by many notable clients for their project teams. Her ability to connect with all individuals has fostered many close relationships with developers, co- workers, outside agents, and clients. Kathleen is an absolute pleasure to work with, someone you automatically gravitate towards and call a friend.